Kool Classics Eriba Caravan Sales and Servicing

How to go about buying an Eriba from us....

Before you think of buying an Eriba it's best to check your car's towing limits. Click this link

Most of our sales are finalised via email. A buyer will see an Eriba they like, email us and then after some email tennis become Eriba owners. This style of selling us not unique to us. We know many motor traders and motor home dealers who make most of their sales through their photos, videos, full description and reputation alone. If buying "blind" is not your style you are still most welcome to view at our showroom in Hellingly, East Sussex.


Once agreed we will ask for your details such as address and then email you an invoice. 10% is the usual sum paid via bank deposit and the balance is due within 2 weeks or upon collection or delivery if sooner. We do not like to rush a sale as it's a big purchase and should be a happy experience. We can store for a few weeks while you arrange a tow bar or storage etc.

Please note that once we agree a sale we will never gazump you or alter the terms.

What do we need to bring with us other than payment?

  • Number plate
  • Towing mirrors for a pan/triton if you have a narrow car
  • Bedding and camping equipment if staying over
  • Electrical camping cable if staying over

Towing Electrics.

Q:From the pictures, it looks like there's a single socket on the Eriba for the road lights.

Is this a standard 7-pin socket or 13 pin?

A: If the caravan is a 13-pin we have adaptors


Electric hook-up.

Q: I'm planning to camp out when I collect. Will I need to bring an electric hook lead? If so what type?

A: Unless otherwise stated you will need you own lead. Most Eriba have a regular camping lead hook up connector. If it's older than 79 it may have a male out schuko connection. If this is the case we will supply an adaptor to make camping easy.

Security Lock.

Q: We want to buy a lock. Should we buy a towing hitch one or a wheel clamp?

A: We like to use hitch locks and have used many over the years. If you buy a wheel clamp you will need to buy one to fit the wheel size. Contact us about the size of your wheel if it's not on the listing.

Internal Electrics.

Q: Does the Eriba have European Schuko style power sockets?

A: Yes most likely. In this case we will supply you with around 3 adaptors so you can use all the internal sockets.

Caravan Insurance.

Q: We want to insure our Eriba. Who should we use?

A: We have heard that the caravan club are very good and recognise the value in older Eriba. You will need the VIN/chassis number to give to them.

We are based on a rural business centre in Hellingly. As you enter Broad Farm veer left and were the largest building in the corner. Dogs are welcomes and we have a grassed area for them to stretch their legs. 

Staying over?

e recommend that you stop over at Fair Fields Farm. Give them a call and tell them Kool Classics sent you. They have nice facilities and our customers have always been very comfortable there. There is even a little farm. Pets are welcomed.